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Courtyards- The Heart of the House

Posted by Area Tech on June 12, 2020
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Courtyards- The Heart of the House

An epitome of relaxation, courtyards are our very own private alfresco. Perfectly sensibly with their full area that’s guarded and open for customization whenever our inner designer awakens. Well extended beyond the idea of outdoors, courtyards are rather becoming a chic trend for contemporary homes. Their adaptation to traditional and modern homes makes them a trend to stay.

They have an abiding utilitarian aspect on the structure of the building- from natural ventilation to an indoor garden, let’s discuss some of the advantages it provides.

Private environment regulator

Since the old times, courtyards have been viewed as a natural ventilator for the homes as the extensive area allows the wind to regulate the temperature. It retains the freshness of the space and keeps it odor-free with its consistent flow of air and sufficient oxygen supply. Additionally, it also provides cross ventilation when constructed in a certain manner. It breaks the dense complexities between the rooms and keeps them ventilated and less stuffy.

Addressing it with a sustainable eye, courtyards are an energy-efficient solution to regulating electricity consumption.

Natural light

There’s unquestionably nothing better than plain sunlight, or even the delicate glow during early hours of a day. Courtyards score majorly with their ability to conceive sunny outdoors. In today’s world of air-tight housing, natural light is a blessing. During the cooler months, the light can be utilized as a natural heater for your home, without having to share the solitude of sunbathing. Just prop up an armchair, brew your morning cuppa and you’ve got the start to your day.

Widespread space

Construction has now made anything plausible and for some, the classical concepts of courtyards don’t hold much appeal. The positioning of your courtyard can help you shape the structure of your home accordingly, for example, entryway courtyards add charm and can be used as an internal part of the house. Similarly, side yard courtyards act as more of an outdoor connect.

Adding elements such as low walls make the space more private and help create secluded retreats in the midst of everyday hustle.

Bringing in the outdoors

Courtyards give you the freedom to blur the concrete lines between indoors and outdoors without actually stepping out of the vicinity of your home. Courtyards have evolved as the most elaborately adorned and coveted areas in a home.

Properly located courtyards give you the benefit of keeping your windows open at night, an option that is practically impossible in today’s world of increasing concern for safety. Centrally located courtyards provide you the sanctuary to keep your rooms unexposed to the outside.

The most feasible option is to fill your courtyard with potted plants. They’re easier to maneuver and contribute to the freshness of the air. You can take it a step ahead by adding outdoor seating to create an opulent look. Creating a garden bed is also a viable option for your own herb garden, elaborate seasonal plants, and decorative shrubs. Lay in artificial lawn grass and you’ve got your very own personal garden!

Several courtyards, depending upon their natural ventilation, can also be converted into cozy barbeque areas with a small fire pit and comfortable, snug seating.

While there are innumerable ways to utilize a courtyard, they act as a marvelous multi-tasker with their sustainable functionalities. Even the smallest courtyards can be used for anything, from an office studio to an outdoor entertainment zone. They ensure privacy, safety, and refuge from the bustling world.

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